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Thanks to Gary, Tru and all others that created our web site so that the owners at The Villas of Park Ridge Pointe have easy access to important documents and information about our community.

I'd also like to compliment Barry,. Tru, and others involved for getting the following new items posted to our web site the day after our last Board meeting.

Approved 4/27 Meeting minutes
Information about both Marvin and Pella replacement windows that Barry negotiated with LaPelusa Home Improvements
Construction project expenses thru 5/16
I know that Tru posts information for many properties in addition to ours. Unfortunately, an error occurred either with the document that Tru received from our Board of Directors or the way that the information was posted. I assume that the former is the case because all other documents on our web site can be opened and read. Another suggestion for the person that publishes the Big Picture on a monthly basis. If possible, the spread sheet should be published in a larger font in landscape format so that it can be read easily from a computer screen because many of our residents do not have the capability to print the document and enlarge it to make it readable.

A final comment. As original property owners at The Villas of Park Ridge Pointe, Mary and I complement Pabcor Property Management for the services that you provide to all 61 property owners. You are a very professional company and we are very pleased that Pabcor is managing our property.

Enjoy the warm weather that's in this weekend's forcast!


"Oscar from Pabcor will be building the new gate for me and is familiar with all of the requirements but I will bring the architectural change form with me to the meeting on Thursday. I put in a work order for some things with Grace at Pabcor this morning and they are already complete!! Thank you Pabcor! You have a fantastic crew!"

- Quail creek

"Thanks for the super response. The gutter is fixed and water is draining properly. Since it's raining at this moment; I was able to check and can stand under the gutter without getting soaked. Also, the water drains away from the foundation instead of a huge puddle. Good job 😊.


Steven K.

Quail creek

Barry, I just wanted to thank you for the prompt action by Pabcor regarding our garbage problem here at the 75 building on Thurs, the 23rd. The chute had become clogged due to an overload of trash in the dumpster and the odor in the building had become sickening. A number of the residents contacted me, thinking I was still on the Bd, complaining about the foul odor. Trudy contacted your office and Michelle from the answering service (I presume) handled the call very professionally. Thanks again and hope all is well. John

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much Jenny for sending the offer to purchase and the move in packet. As a board member I do not recall getting these materials before. I think this system allows us to be more actively engaged in the process and as a board we should be proactive in meeting the new owner and field any questions. It is the nice thing to do.and it may avoid any future misunderstandings.

Off to a good start.



Hi Tru.

Hope you had a great weekend.

I just had to say thanks for the help you gave us on HOA with all of the parking rules & regs, ordering stickers, etc. I admit I have not done much to help out with it; it must take a lot of patience. So your help is greatly appreciated.


Association: Boardwalk of Park Ridge Condominium Asssociation


Thanks to whomever I just spoke to about the Boardwalk code for signing in.....it worked! More important, however, is the Boardwalk page. We moved into 65 Astoria Way in Dec., 1988 and this is the first time I have been impressed with the management on the computer! I was also very pleased with the meeting Monday evening.....we have been gone all fall so this was my first meeting with the new management.....let us hope the open communication continues because it is so important and needed! Faith

The parking lot looks great. The workers were very good and friendly and worked very hard. thanks for your hard work in securing the company and for supervising the job. I saw you out there many times.

Thanks again.


Subject: Thanks for the Drain Tile Work!

After many years of basement water, middle-of-the-night pumping of my window well, and general seepage, the problem seems to be fixed!

Thank you to

QC Board for recognizing that this was an association-related issues
Pabcor for getting the quotes in order, getting it arranged, and following through with the entire row of homes
my neighbors on Pheasant Ct. who had to endure dust, jackhammer noise, and disruption to their daily schedules, even if they didn't think they had a problem.
PermaSeal did a good job. The workmen were friendly and kept on task all day long - few breaks, and fairly neat with how they left the premises.

Not a drop of water in the basement during this past relentless rainfall.

With much appreciation,


Subject: One down....

Many thanks for the quick solution to the skunk... he was sleeping peacefully in the cage yesterday. Since I am quick to moan when I am not happy, thought you might like to hear a thank you...

Great job. THe cage is empty today which makes me hope that he was a lone ranger!

Have a great weekend. Wish I could be at the meeting on Wed. but I have another meeting that night!

Cheers to the new board!!

“As I mentioned to you a few weeks ago, I too have noticed a wonderful, positive change working with Pabcor Management. They are a well kept secret since I never had heard of them before. I work with many, many management companies and Pabcor is “Thumbs Up” in my book. Speaking as a vendor, it makes a big difference when you work with professionals and people who care, rather then someone who is only worried about the bottom line and not the customer or the vender. I feel it is a Win-Win relationship.”

-Pat- 9-10-09

“I want to report to you that we are hearing very favorable comments about your prompt response to individual owner’s needs. I also want to tell you that for the first time, I don’t feel the need to carefully study and question details of our financial reports. I may have an occasional question, but have always gotten prompt, clear responses. The above two experiences are both very, very important to a good management experience. Keep it up.”

-Bob- 4-21-10

“I’d like to thank the property management team of Gary and Barry from Pabcor, for working so hard this year on our various projects and priorities and how much of an improved look and feel there is to the property. Not to mention the savings in our respective financial accounts. Pabcor is knowledgeable, professional, and fully in charge. If there is an issue, they get an answer back almost immediately. I think I can speak for association, that we are very happy to have made the switch to Pabcor.”

-Steve- 9-10-09

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Board members and Pabcor Management. Especially Gary and Barry at Pabcor on talking on the mammoth water damage project. For the last few years, I have been trying to get previous property management to have the water damages repaired. Pabcor repaired and fixed all of the water damages in one week!”

-Cary- 6-5-09

“Good morning Matt! Just wanted to pass along a compliment. I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. The first snow storm (kind of) of the season, and I don’t have to shovel. Your crew did a fantastic job. When my husband came home last night from the train, even the front walk was cleared. What a lifestyle change from last year when even this much snow would’ve meant an hour of shoveling for me. Thanks!”

-Wendy- 12-9-09

“Dear Berk, I’m writing to update you on the apartment work done for me. Gab did an excellent job removing and replacing the discolored grout, around the tub and shower area. It’s an improvement and makes the bathroom shower area look fresh and sanitary. Thank you.”

-Carl- 6-29-09

“Dear Jenny, I know we touch base all the time but I’m sending this note thanking you personally for all the years you have utilized my company’s services. It’s one thing to quickly say thanks when we speak, but I wanted to send you this written communication to pointedly express my appreciation. It means a lot to me when there is continuity and a loyalty and, by way of same, you know if there are any tenant related problems you are concerned about, you can call me as often as you need to and I’m immediately available to help. Thank you again Jenny for your business and confidence.”

-Barry- 9-23-09

“Dear Gary and Barry, It was a pleasure meeting you both. I’m happy to inform you that last week I did six loads of laundry in an hour and a half, and for the first time in a long time! Thank you both again.

-Christina- 10-11-09

“Dear Jenny, It was nice speaking with you. You are always professional and courteous. Not something encountered frequently in today’s business world. Thanks.


“I apologize for the tardiness in my communication with you prior to now as I feel that you should have feedback concerning the performance of your staff. I have been a member of the Board of Directors of the Condominium Association for over 8 years. During that time, this property and its 176 families have suffered through several different management companies. They all made promises about their capabilities, promises about the expertise of their managers. Unfortunately, we weren’t up to the task of reviewing and monitoring these management companies, and the property suffered. I am delighted to be able to tell you that since our business relationship commenced with your company, our property has never had the level of concern and commitment that we now enjoy with Pabcor at the helm. I have yet to hear a single comment from your team that they have expended our allotment of hours for the week or month. I am able to phone the office at almost any hour. My emails are promptly returned during and after, sometimes far after, business hours have ended. We get a level of professionalism that the board has always desired but, up until now, never received. I encourage you to share with your team how wonderfully pleased we are to have Pabcor truly managing our property.

-Steve- 4-12-10

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